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AC Süppmayer – Our promise of quality

We demand high standards of our work and project processes to meet the quality requirements of our clients every time.

Permanent monitoring and secure processes

At AC Süppmayer, the entire process management is in one hand – from project planning and delivery coordination to evaluation and interpretation of results. All processes are subjected to timely and complete quality control measures. Thus, any optimization potential is detected early. This includes monthly performance calibration meetings with our clients for controlling and adaptation of the jointly produced key performance systems, which guarantees the use of targeted evaluation criteria within the monitoring process and ensures continuous quality improvement.

In addition to these fixed dates of feedback, the reporting software AC InterControl gives our clients access to the ongoing ascertainment process at any time.

Continuous development of employee skills

Our project teams consist of experienced experts with many years of service, as well as young colleagues who have acquired sound knowledge in monitoring and evaluation of customer communication. Named contact persons guarantee transparent and target-oriented project management.

Regular training and workshops ensure a consistent understanding of quality and further deepen comprehensive professional and industry knowledge.

Regular training of the test customer panel

The success of mystery research projects is highly dependent on the quality of the test customer panel. AC Süppmayer manages all projects in-house and works only with its own mystery shoppers across the world. That way, we make sure that only qualified testers are used. Any potential AC mystery shopper undergoes an aptitude test when they apply, which is then followed by in-depth training.

Deployment is always project-specific. After a detailed briefing, the performance of our test customers is permanently monitored by our central project management.

Data protection

In accordance with Section 4f of the German Federal Data Protection Act, AC Süppmayer employs a data protection officer who ensures consistent compliance with data protection standards. Data protection compliant handling of customer data is particularly important for long-term customer retention.

Quality check partner

We are a partner of the TÜV SÜD for business certifications. We provide significant support to our clients during the certification processes for service quality, quality of advice and customer satisfaction through regular mystery research methods (anonymous mystery shopping, mystery calls and mystery emails).

AC Süppmayer helps you set clear standards for your quality monitoring.


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