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CRM Control: neutral management tool for your customer relationships

We analyze strengths and weaknesses of your customer relationship management with mystery research methods (mystery shopping, mystery calls, mystery emails) and information from social media platforms. Our AC quality assurance system records all relevant customer contact points, thus providing an objective view of service and advice quality across all the different communication channels.

The result of the mystery shopping analyses is a neutral evaluation of contact quality and forms the basis for targeted recommendations for action. Regular performance calibration meetings ensure a common understanding of quality.

Benchmarking against competitors as well as customer surveys provide you with additional indicators about the quality of your customer contacts.

We act as a neutral observer to examine the following processes from the customer's point of view:

Mystery analysis –
Mail order / publishing / banking

  • Requests for information materials/catalogues/brochures

  • Orders/subscriptions

  • Service inquiries

  • Returns/complaints

  • Dunning process

  • Customer retention/campaign chains

Mystery shopping –
Retail industy

  • Strengths and weaknesses analysis of employees

  • Are management guidelines consistently implemented?

  • Friendly and professional sales conversations

  • Store design

  • Efficiency of the customer guidance systems

  • Assortment analysis/product presentation

Assessment matrix for
service and quality factors

  • Accessibility

  • Response and delivery times

  • Employee competence

  • Multi-channel capability

  • Information processing

  • Modalities and conditions

  • Acceptance of product presentation and receipt

  • Monitoring of advertising efforts

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