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Net Promoter Score – How loyal are your customers?

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) as an index for measuring the willingness of customers to recommend a company is used increasingly in Europe as part of management core KPI sets. The importance of customer satisfaction for a company's success is indisputable. This applies both to the products as well as to the services supporting all business processes.

The NPS method allows you to easily and efficiently conduct customer surveys and measure customer loyalty, thus successfully enhancing your customer relationships. However, determination of the Net Promoter Score alone does not provide sufficient insight. It can only be used successfully as a management tool in combination with the determination of basic influencing factors of customer satisfaction.

AC Süppmayer will support you in conducting customer satisfaction surveys and identifying subsequent targeted implementation measures:


  • Embedding the NPS method in the organization

  • Identification of promoters and detractors for each contact channel, service, product, customer segment, etc.

  • Causality analysis of satisfaction or dissatisfaction

  • Setting up efficient closed loop processes: direct response to positive or negative customer statements

  • Adjustment of processes and services based on customer feedback

  • Benchmarking against other companies and industries

Measure customer satisfaction, analyze it, and react!

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