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New Release AC Intercontrol – Complex requirements require intelligent solutions

With the AC Intercontrol – an innovative web-based reporting software – you have the possibility to analyse the status of your call- centre performance and CRM processes at any time regardless of location.

It evaluates calls, web charts, emails, video calls including contributions to social networks. It can be accessed from any internet-enabled device, which means that all relevant data is also available on mobile devices.

In addition to the dashboard in the basic version an extensive reporting set with a new optic is available. The data can be sorted according to analysis focus and questioning via a dynamic fade in filter menu. This allows you to select and evaluate the desired report with a direct click.


  • Emergency functions for abnormalities

  • User friendly menu guide with various filter functions

  • All results and KPI´s at a glance: current situation and running time

  • Feedback questionnaire with self-assessment capabilities and direct file access

  • Detailed and total evaluations etc… including location, service center, team agent, type of action

  • Benchmark surveys at different levels

  • Presentation of results via charts or other types of diagrams

  • Direct connection to voice files, emails and charts

  • Search functions to evaluate free text fields

  • Export function output of evaluations via PDF, image, excel or CSV file

A differentiated control of the access rights by using a password ensures that everyone from management to the agent receives the exact results which are relevant for him.

Our close monitoring reporting software provides you with an insight into the ongoing survey process for all KPI´s quality check.

Gain transparency through effective analysis!


Reporting Software

  • Dashboard – Call center performance at a glance
  • Feedback sheet – access to conversations, emails, chats
  • Trend analysis with different display options
  • Quality monitoring – Quality level over a period time


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